Welcome Back!

I am so excited to have the students back for a fabulous new school year! I also am so pleased with our new music classroom in the Epsilon building. It is great to have a nice quiet space for the students to learn good listening skills.

If you haven’t already, please be certain to join the Edmodo group for your class by going to Edmodo.com. Create your free account and enter the group code for your class or grade level.

The group code for grades K-2 is:  je2bkd

Ms. Schurz class: wai4pm

Ms. Dawson’s class: cn5y6b

Mrs. Frias’s class: q8uepa

Ms. Taylor’s class: w8uyv9

Ms. Verdi’s class: gbhmys

Ms. Barksdale’s class: hhb6rs

Mr. Hammond’s class: zz3r4h

3rd and 4th Grade parents also can join their home room’s Class Dojo to keep in touch with me and everything that is going on in music. I really love how quickly parents have been able to get in touch with me this year through Class Dojo.


Check out some photos of our new music space:

All of our instruments are organized on one side of the room.
The students walk in and line up to head out where the colored tape is on the floor. To the right are the music books and our small group rhythm area. To the left near the door is our small group white board area. You can see the chords to our classroom rules song on the white board easel.
To the left, by the djembes are the small group composing center and to the right is the small group flash card area. The word magnets you see on the door are used at our small group magnet station.
This month's Composer of the Month is Camille Saint-Saens.
This month’s Composer of the Month is Camille Saint-Saens.
These are some of the vocabulary words we use in music sorted by grade level.