Winter Concert Information

The Winter Concert is quickly approaching! 3rd-5th grade students will perform on Thursday, December 19 at 6:30 p.m. Students should arrive ┬áby 6:15 to report to their meeting rooms. 4th and 5th grade band students will meet in the library with Ms. Jentgen, and they can leave their cases and coats there while they perform. The other 5th grade students who are singing will meet in Ms. Glynn’s room with Mr. Hammond, 4th grade students will meet in Ms. Taylor’s room with Ms. Taylor and Ms. Glynn, and the 3rd grade students will meet in Ms. Verdi’s room with Ms. Meredith.

Students are wearing long-sleeved, white, collared shirts with black pants or skirts. If the students do not already have a white dress shirt to wear, a long sleeved white t-shirt is ok, as long as it does not have any writing or decoration on the front. Festive accessories are welcome at this concert, so if you have santa hats or reindeer ears that your child would like to wear, feel free to accessorize!

Pre-K through 2nd grade will perform in the spring program this year. Go ahead and dust off those bug costumes from last year if you have them because we will be performing the musical BUGZ! by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson. We will have some of the same characters you saw last year on a new buggy adventure!

We hope to see you Thursday night at 6:30 for the Winter Concert!